I sincerely hope that readers will enjoy my poetry. If I can bring a smile, uplifting thought, or small bit of joy to one other person then I am an unqualified success. If you find anything of value here, and I genuinely hope that you do, my time was well spent.

Along with my poems I sometimes share life experiences which have changed my understanding of the world. I pray these are the seeds from which wisdom sprouts.

I am blessed to have two extraordinary teachers whose achievements are recognized worldwide. My life path brought me to them and the credit for any potential I nurture to fruition belongs largely to these men.

They are; John Michael Greer and George E. Mattson.

May you find peace and know joy.

4 thoughts on “WELCOME”

    1. Thank you so much!
      Knowing my work touched you deeply enough to nominate me means a great deal. The value is in the nomination, not the award, and for that you have my gratitude.
      may you find peace and joy always.

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  1. hello! We’re in with the regulars who follow JMG each wednesday. Let us know where your new property is – and if it’s in the same Koppen-Geiger classification we can share pc and regenerative techniques. We’re up in eastern Washington and doing well on 21 acres. Cheers, sheila & will


    1. Thank you Sheila,
      I’m a practicing Druid and a student of JMG’s. My property is in western Texas. I have 12-24mos of lead time before moving permanently. Water is a primary concern there in the desert, but I think with a combination of Warka water towers and solar atmospheric water generators I’ll be alright. I don’t know what a Koppen-Geiger classification is, but would appreciate advice and suggestions.



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