Inner Demon’s secret

Each demon within,

capering insanely,

howling wildly,

fanged and frothing,

jealously guards a secret,

It is loathe to share.

Hissing, venom-spitting,


coiling about,

a knowledge,

It maniacally works,

to keep in shadow.

Red eyes glare,

a promise of suffering,

raw and ruinous,

at impertinent approach.

Talons clawing deeply,

into It’s bottomless sack,

brimming with illusions,

unimagined horrors.

What impetus compels,

unmitigated madness,

wholly un-tempered?

What skeletal key,

nightmare drenched,

drives it unbound?

A chink along It’s midnight armor,

alike in each,

of It’s malign ilk.

It exists solely,

tethered to the hate,

nurtured in a human heart.