Uncrowded Paths

Gather up your courage, knowing it will be tested

Armor yourself in curiosity, willing to believe

lay aside your common wisdom, your preconceptions

They will not serve you here

Make your way past rusting chains and barricades

Placed so by guardians of today, left behind in a long ago yesterday

Here, overgrown, lies the shadowy path of the unfamiliar

It’s windings unmapped, it’s conclusion uncertain, perhaps undiscovered

On this day, like nearly every other, you’ll walk alone

Those that would cross your way have moved on, called by voices now silent

Seeing things unknown, hearing cries unrecognized

Further on, awaiting you among dark, decaying temples

The realm of unheard philosophies, of different equations

Drawn by different Gods



The Pagan Poem


Sit by the bright, bright fire,

Your eyes show all who look,

that you are tired,

What’s this?

You’re shivering with fear?

Know now that,

Naught pursues you here,

The dark forest where you felt alone,

Is to us a sacred grove,

The beasts that yowled and those that cried,

Announced to us that you’d arrived,

That clamor that the wild things made,

Was a welcome to you that they gave,

Freely enter the stone circle if you like,

None are barred except by choice,

Of judgement we will extend none,

Druids offer only love.




The Alchemist, turn lead to gold?

You did not hear, what You were told.

False history it is, that You were taught.

The Alchemist, cannot be bought!

You offer nothing He desires.

Fail to grasp where He aspires.

Perhaps by way of explanation,

we’ll examine definition.

The prefix ‘Al’ denotes divine,

‘Chemist’ the student of properties of.

The reactions when such are combined,

lies foremost always in His mind.

His lab resides in His inside,

His tools are those of a disciplined mind.

Seeking no material gain,

it’s a purer Self to be attained.

Let this poem stand as lesson then,

to those few who would attend.

The Alchemist’s work was never in doubt,

for as it is within, so it is without.