Spirituality rooted in the living Earth

Welcome to this blog! I began with a single, easily articulated goal in mind. To help. To help you, help myself, help all living things in fact, if I could.

Here you’ll find many poems. I hope at least a few touch you in some way, perhaps leaving a stanza or two stuck in memory, but if they do no more than amuse you, making your time momentarily the smallest bit more enjoyable, then that will be enough.

“My Simple Life” is a monthly series of posts discussing a sudden, extraordinarily painful, and very nearly all encompassing change in circumstance that left me no choice but to find a different way to live in the world, and the things I learned that guided me away from a dark place. I say away, and not back, because for me there was no path back. I think if I can do you any good it will most likely be through this series and whatever follows it.

Pressed against my will to put a label on it, I would define this blog as a treatise on the philosophy of living in right relationship.

Let that then stand as my mission statement.