Sunrise Prayer

I prayed a prayer for you today,

as the Sun rose over the pines,

and watched it float aloft,

on alabaster wings of love,

knowing not what vast expanses,

what cosmic abysses,

it must traverse,

while on It’s journey,

within my soul,

not the tiniest seed of doubt grew,

from the seamless faith,

that It reached It’s far destination,

even as the words left my mouth.




Congratulations! (a diatribe)

I’d like to take a moment

and acknowledge the enormous success

achieved by those magnates of

modern industrial society.


The battle was by no means an easy one

opposed by truth at every turn

motivated by nothing more

than the desire for financial gain


What stunningly ingenious fabrications

cut from whole cloth

how reasonable their presentation

made them appear


Integrity, morality, ethics

unhesitatingly sacrificed

on a golden altar

in the name of wealth


What glittering wonders

of technology

sold at exorbitant prices

you can afford to buy!


Still, with overflowing billfold

what coinage is required

for the washing away of stain

from a corrupt heart?






Old Magic

For anyone who cares to know,

I’ve set myself a lofty goal,

Delving amongst dusty tomes,

to learn the secrets hidden so,

once I’ve found,

what must be known,

I’ll take myself afar, alone,

beyond the reach of any eyes,

I’ll speak the chants,

perform the rites,

offer up a sacrifice,

implore all Gods,

both young and old,

claim my life,

my self, my soul,

take all I was,

I am, I know,

and in my place,

make one thing so,

bless compassion,

from Your thrones,

heal our broken world,

and make it whole.