Herbal tea, a pleasant start to the day


I chose herbal orange spice this morning with Rosehips, Orange peel, Hibiscus, Blackberry, Chicory, and Cloves.

*Remember to use a stainless steel pot and infuser. Never aluminum.




Bearing Sunrise

Again, the circadian oscillation

rounds to blazing rays,

Again, body and mind

wake overfull of a pain

defying explanation, or remembrance,

Again, consciousness concludes it

imagination, errant nerve impulse

wounds dreamt of, yet never borne,

Again, wisdom raises voice,

counselling that wound causality

is dual, as much the result of inaction

as of wrong action,

Escaping such pain is the dream,

lacking the omniscience

to make no errs,

Living perfectly lies outside

human nature,

our purpose not to deny, lament our pains,

rather to learn from them,

Each sunrise,

brightened with unbound opportunity,

tasks each with bearing the joy,

of infinite possibility.