Dirt Road Magic

The magic of dirt roads,

is that they take you places,

pavement never will,


It is only,

along these gravel tracks,

lost youth can be found,

hiding playfully within,

the fields and forests,


Here alone,

first loves wait,

to be remembered,

among the roadside flowers,


On these rutted lanes,

wisps of dust,

set free to dance,

with the warm breeze,

wear fresh faces,

passing years have,

blurred in memory,


Nowhere else,

by no other path

can this spell,

be woven,

be cast.







The Pagan Poem


Sit by the bright, bright fire,

Your eyes show all who look,

that you are tired,

What’s this?

You’re shivering with fear?

Know now that,

Naught pursues you here,

The dark forest where you felt alone,

Is to us a sacred grove,

The beasts that yowled and those that cried,

Announced to us that you’d arrived,

That clamor that the wild things made,

Was a welcome to you that they gave,

Freely enter the stone circle if you like,

None are barred except by choice,

Of judgement we will extend none,

Druids offer only love.



Old Magic

For anyone who cares to know,

I’ve set myself a lofty goal,

Delving amongst dusty tomes,

to learn the secrets hidden so,

once I’ve found,

what must be known,

I’ll take myself afar, alone,

beyond the reach of any eyes,

I’ll speak the chants,

perform the rites,

offer up a sacrifice,

implore all Gods,

both young and old,

claim my life,

my self, my soul,

take all I was,

I am, I know,

and in my place,

make one thing so,

bless compassion,

from Your thrones,

heal our broken world,

and make it whole.









A mage

and One who isn’t so,

the only difference

what each knows,

No genetic heredity

gives birth the Mage’s ability,

while passing by

Her mundane Sister,

It’s a skill

that can be learned,

a Mage’s power

must be earned,

The mystery schools,

of long ago

taught each apprentice,

this was so

this lesson must be,

carefully sown

lest the knowledge thought,

to be theirs alone

The key to any,

mystic door

lies within,

the reach of all

This truth of course,

was always known

for as it is above,

so it is below.