Why I sleep on the floor

“REPLACE EVERY EIGHT!”. We’ve all heard the catchphrase, usually followed by a seemingly knowledgeable spokes-person proclaiming that due to sweat, dust mite, dead skin cell, etc. accumulation an average mattress will double in weight every 8-10 years. That’s right, double!…………………… Or is it?

It turns out that this claim is completely untrue. A few minutes of internet research reveal that it was made up out of whole cloth by a journalist in the year 2000, falsely stating that the information had come from an Ohio state university researcher.

I’m no crusader, no martyr, just a guy with a limited income and a bad back who had reached peak frustration level. Enough is enough! Enough trying to pass off an advertising campaign as scientifically verified fact, enough extolling the wondrous (though questionable) virtues of a $2,000+ adjustable bed, which I can’t afford, as the best or only solution to my back pain and stiffness.

So, with the knowledge that sleeping on a hard surface significantly mitigates my suffering, and no longer able to suffer foolish advertising, I made a choice and moved my mattress for the last time, to the trash pile.

I laid out two quilts and a sleeping bag on my freshly cleaned floor, went to bed, and woke the next morning feeling better than I had in two decades.