A Lesson on Truth

Pray find here a lesson

that all men should know,

A lie rumbles like thunder

truth falls as the snow,

falsehoods must be bellowed loudly

to be heard

truth needs little more

than a whisper of words,

Deceit hides itself buried

‘neath piles of verse

truth comes to us bare

to be blessed or be cursed.








The Last Butterfly

Deep in a dark wood

cloaked from prying eyes

seven Druids with bowed heads

circled the last butterfly,

The seven prayers spoken

were older than old

in a language long silent

heard here and no more,

each of the seven

who stood vigil there

saw one last tiny wing-flutter

the enchantment was gone,

of the seven Druids

no more may be spoke

when the butterfly passed

each one became smoke






Societal Musings

Observing our society,

I find much that isn’t clear to me.

We opine ourselves rugged individualists,

while berating anyone who doesn’t look, act, or dress like us.

Is this cognitive contradiction,

what we get when television makes our decisions?

Elected officials use this medium.

Trumpeting the urgent need for regulation,

from which they exempt themselves.

Everyone gets a public school education,

where students are free to choose an approved destination.

Conformity is the lauded goal,

learn what to think, not how to do so.

Rugged individualists you claim?

Explain, please, why they are exactly the same.





Profit and loss

When calculating our profit and loss,

we misjudge value, underestimate cost.

Defining profit solely as financial position,

is a poor scale on which to gauge our condition.

The monetary wealth to which we aspire,

exactly what about having it do we admire?

Let’s unravel a persistent untruth,

“richer” and “better” are not equivalent terms.

Tell me which man is more a success,

when one writes a poem, the other a check?

Why Time, unquestionably a limited resource,

is reduced to “Man hours” in the account?

I’ll not argue that money enough for our needs,

is a goal towards which we all should proceed.

Beyond that is where we encounter our strife,

buying a lifestyle, at the cost of a life.