lifestyle manageability

This has been on my mind quite a bit lately. I look around and see that nearly everyone is living a life which is unmanageable in almost every aspect. The sheer volume of commitments; work, household chores, relationships of every kind, is entirely overwhelming.  What they get back is a high level of stress with no real forward progress as they run around “putting out fires” at every turn, and an undeniably low quality of life.

How do I know? a few short years ago I was the poster boy for this lifestyle. I was making every mistake you could think of, and probably some which haven’t occurred to you yet. Being an employed single parent, up at 5:30AM and home at 9:30PM, left me almost no time or attention for anything outside my daily grind. In fact, I adhered to this lifestyle until I was no longer capable of doing it. Only in hindsight, after it ruthlessly chewed me up and spit me out, did I start to consider what I might have done differently.

Sadly, most of the changes I’ve made since, I would have made anyway if I’d just given myself a few minutes to really consider them. Probably could have kept my full-time salary too, instead of the monthly disability benefit I now subsist on.

Looking back now I can clearly see the glaring absurdity of such precepts as; keeping up with the Joneses, and the concept of multi-tasking.

In trying to “Keep up with the Joneses” you will almost certainly find yourself living beyond your means, resulting in debt and the accompanying stress of the debt, more hours at work, etc., and here’s the kicker…….. nobody cares. Someone told me years ago that no-one lies on their death bed wishing they’d spent more time at work. I see the simple truth of that statement now.

Multi-tasking. In my opinion multi-tasking should be defined as: simultaneously doing multiple things half-assed. After all, why screw up one thing when you can screw up several at the same time?  Multi-tasking in order to get through your daily existence is not a badge of honor, it is an indicator that your lifestyle is unmanageable. Basically it means more than one person is needed to accomplish your day to day task load, so, unless there’s more than one of you………………….

In the future I’ll share things that led me to my current easily managed lifestyle. I thought it was important to point out first that I spent decades paddling up the same creek as everyone else.

Hopefully something I write will strike a chord and be of some benefit to you. That, in fact, is my only goal.

The interconnected nature of the universe renders it impossible to serve others without serving yourself.





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